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    Lingwe Technology Assists the Fight Against Corona-Virus
    Upload time:2020-02-24

    Recently, the epidemic prevention and control is at a criticalmoment. As a national enterprise actively taking social responsibility, LingweTechnology has been paying close attention to the pneumonia epidemic, taking ourresources, actively responding and acting quickly to combat the epidemic.

    (Certificate issued by Nanyang New Corona-virus InfectedPneumonia Epidemic Prevention and Control Command Office)

    Facing with the current shortage of medical supplies, allmedical supplies need to step up production and aid epidemic prevention andcontrol in epidemic areas. Therefore, the raw materials required for productionhave become a top priority. As a Chinese supplier specializing in the field ofnew materials, Lingwe Technology plays its best role to provide the medicalequipment required for the prevention and treatment of the pneumonia epidemic (mainlyused for the CT department, and undertakes more important equipment guaranteetasks). We responded quickly to the supply service during the epidemic, shipping10 tons nano alumina to customers of the country's designated consumablemedical device supplier overnight, which solved the problem of raw materialshortage.

    (On the morning of February 4th, 10 tons of alumina was underloading at the production base.)

    (Transportation Material Pass)

    To do our best to overcome the epidemic together with allChinese people. We believe that under the strong leadership of the party andgovernment, and the concerted efforts of the people across the country, we willdefinitely win the final victory over the epidemic! Finally, we would like topay the highest tribute to the front-line guardians who still fought during theepidemic, and wish all front-line guardians to protect their own health whilereturning to safety.