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    To Achieve The Great Performance With LINGWE
    Upload time:2019-10-31

    To Achieve The Great Performance With LINGWE

    The group sales conference 2019 and the team building activities have been successfully end.

    September is a month of hope. It is the beginning of learning and harvest, in the first day of September, lets set a goal for our self. At 8 am on September 1, Guangzhou Lingwe Technology 2019 group sales conference officially started. More than 100 sales, logistics and financial staff from 7 different provinces and cities gathered in Hohhot, Inner Mongolia, for 5 days and 4 nights of sales conference and team building activities. The

    purpose is to provide the more professional service for each customer, and encourage our staff to move on and achieve the goal with the better state.

    At the meeting, Mr. Hong, sales director of Lingwe Technology, first reported the performance of the group situation in details, which made us realize the deficiencies in the work and conduct the

    in-depth analysis and plan for the next promotion, and made us fully understand and grasp the trend and changes of market.  

    Later, Lingwe Technology center technical leader of each project, focus on different product field reported the R&D progress and shared the product application. The excellent technology sharing could let all the Lingwe

    staff use in the daily work.

    During the meeting, all the staff shared the experience actively, no matter the successful experience or the failure, which make the staff attentively listen to the summary report, so as to learn from other and improve


    In the end, President Hu Yingni made a conclusion for this conference, and heartfelt thanks for the effort of all staff and make instruction for the next work development and direction.

    After the meeting, hundreds of people went to the trip of Inner Mongolia team building. The group entered the word famous dairy camp, and won the title of Asias first dairy group to visit and learn.

    Ride horse and drove the jeep on the Hiramuren prairie, for feel the power of the nature.

    From the prairie to the desert, enjoy the multiple views, what we felt that the Inner Mongolia is a creative nation, as spreader with knowledge and method. The influenced the history and the spirit of the indomitable king

    Tiemuzhen, which worth us to learn profoundly.

    In the end, 2019 group sales conference and team building activities have been successfully end. The successful holding the conference will help Lingwe Technology to further closely focus on the companys strategic

    development, with all the staff to jointly achieve the 2019 goal. Guangzhou Lingwe Technology will be based on the actual situation of the market and enterprises, continuous innovation, work on the future development.