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    Lingwe Technology in China Coatings Summit 2019
    Upload time:2019-10-31

    Lingwe Technology in China Coatings Summit 2019

    The 19th China Coatings Summit & Expo and Green Ink and Printing Technology Conference was held in Shanghai Jeurong Hotel in

    8th-9th May. The conference discussed the technology innovation, solution, process improvement, intelligent manufacture in the coatings & inks application under the topic of Green is priority - Smart Future.

    As the first technology enterprise of developing silica anti-corrosive pigments, Lingwe Technology was bringing the new development Ion-exchanged

    Anti-corrosive Pigment LM-30 to the conference. We made a speech for our new development in Industrial Anti-corrosion special performance. We started the introduction with a carton Professor Homsil which introduced the anti-corrosion theory. Our R&D engineer showed the anti-corrosive effect of

    LM-30 on the physical and chemical level as well as the advantages of the product. LM-30 not only shows the advantage on environmental-friendly, also has excellent performance like good dispersion compared to the phosphate anti-corrosive pigment which needs to be grind.

    Ion-exchanged silica can achieve excellent surface performance and anti-corrosive property without grinding. It also has good

    salt-fog resistance and has nothing to do with the coatings appearance, which help chemist to make more formulations to meet the market requirement. At present, our LM series can used in Appliance, Powder Coatings, Coil Coatings, Industrial Coatings, etc.

    Meanwhile, the Ringier Technology Innovation Awards 2019-Coating Industry was held, and Lingwe Technology won the Ringier Technology Innovation Award again by Silica Ion-exchanged Anti-corrosive Pigments. LM series is a kind of new anti-corrosive pigment product which meet the current and future requirement. It has already widely used in appliance coil coatings. As the environmental requirement is becoming stricter and stricter, the anti-corrosive pigment contenting heavy metal like chromate product will be ejected from the market. The non-toxic and harmless silica anti-corrosive pigment will be the superstar of the anti-corrosion industry.

    In the future, Lingwe Technology will keep focusing on the research and promotion of the environmental-friendly & harmless anti-corrosive pigment. At present, this type of product do not show the better advantages than phosphate product in solvent-based system. And the architecture coatings will be mainly solvent-based for a long time. In response to this situation, Lingwe Technology will keep on studying the modified product to meet different requirements and we have already achieved great progress. We believe the new product will be coming soon. On the other hand, Lingwe Technology will respond to different environmental policy, think highly of the effect of product to the environment.We hope to meet customers latest and challenged requirements and provide the best materials and sustainable function by improving our product.

    Thanks Ringier Industry for offering us a professional platform and thanks experts in different industries for supporting our silica anti-corrosive pigment.